American Idol: Florida Marlins

Baseball season is back! And so is my blog….!  After some serious forensic investigations and knocking of a few heads, I was able to finally crack the code that was my forgotten password!  It will be a featured episode on TruTV this summer.

Interested in the Marlins infield competition? (Of COURSE you are)  Want to see who wins the job when the Fish host an American Idol contest of their own? (Of COURSE you do, I mean 150 million people watch American Idol)  Well, check out my other Marlins blog just across the pond.  Thanks very much for reading! Go Marlins!

Miller dominant again

Yes, that is Andrew Miller, and no that headline is not a misprint, although I cannot blame you if you thought that it was the setup to a punchline somehow involving Jorge Julio.  Miller has been impressive the last month (I am shocked too) and ESPN continues to remind all of us why they are the furthest thing from informative as possible.  You can read all about it on the new site for Marlins Musings, as well as many other blogs from fans of the rest of the league on the home page.  Check ’em out, and root for the Fish!!!!

Miller Time!

As I have said all year long, Andrew Miller is a great young lefty and Jorge Cantu is the best player in the Marlins’ infield…..and if you believe me, then you weren’t reading my blogs.  However, it was largely thanks to these two that the Fish won their second in a row against the Phillies tonight.  You can read my other Marlins Musings blog to get my fair and balanced opinion on tonight’s game.  Or you can watch SportsCenter, but why would you? They were the ones who weren’t even showing Florida highlights most of April.  Fair-weather announcers, I say. 

Marlins miss their Mark as Griffey hits number 600

The Marlins wrapped up their 4 game series with the Reds last night with a 9-4 loss, giving them a split of the series.  Although they did get to Volquez for 3 runs, it wasn’t enough because Hendrickson gave the Fish another one of his middle relief efforts instead of a starting one.  *Puts head in hands and tries not to bash it against the counter*  If you are a happy Reds fan or a masochistic Marlins fan (aren’t we all?) you can get the rest of the scoop on the game by going my other blog here on  Check out the other posts too, there are plenty of other teams to read up on.  But only one place to read about the Fish, which is a good thing for last night’s game.

More Cowbell!

Although Marlins Musings might have pulled a double switch and moved here, let it be known that my loyalty as a Fish fan was never in question.  Nope, I didn’t turn the TV off in the top of the ninth, utter about 35 curse words and basically concede the game. (OK, maybe for just a few minutes).  But like Yogi Berra said (no, not AFLAC), it ain’t over till it’s over!

Starting to get ridiculous

Attention valued blog readers: (all three and a half of you).  Marlins Musings has been shifted to  But for the sake of you loyalists, I will continue to put a link of my latest post here, like so.

And that Philles Braves game tonight was unreal! I can’t believe that Kelly Johnson dropped the pop-up!  Jorge Cantu has got NOTHING on that.  But after watching the way that the Braves beat the Marlins this last week, I can’t say I’m upset with the Atlanta losing a heartbreaker. I hope it happens again tomorrow,